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Got the first job ? Why not plan to become a Crorepati !

A monthly SIP of just Rs 15,000 from age 25 can get you Rs 5 Crores when you turn 50

Plan Your SIP

Did you know that your Current Monthly Expenses of Rs 1 Lakh would be Rs 5.75 Lakhs when you Retire?

We help you in planning your Retirement by accounting inflation, current lifestyle and ever increasing medical expenses. Retirement is not about just managing expenses but also about enjoying your Sunset Years!

Plan Your Retirement

*Current age 30 years, retirement at age 60 years. Inflation accounted as 6%

Are you looking for specialized services that helps businesses make informed financial decisions and improve financial performance?

We offer one-stop services for Corporates, like Financial Consulting, Debt Syndication, Merger & Valuations, tax Consulting and Virtual CFO Services etc.

Plan Strategic Consulting

Looking to earn both from a single Investment - Profit on Investments and also the gains from Currency Appreciation?

In an increasingly interconnected world, investing in global funds has become a compelling option for Indian investors seeking diversification and exposure to international markets. We help in that !

Plan For Global Investing

Realising your Child's Higher Education Goal is a wise decision & a loving choice.

A Rs 25,000 monthly SIP with 10% annual top up, started when the child is born, can get you
Rs 3.60 Crores when the child is 18! - Mutual Funds can help!

Plan Your Child Education

* returns assume at 12 % per annum from equity mutual fund

The Services we providing to our investors

Wealth Insight offers you a whole gamut of services to meet your Savings, Investment, Insurance and Taxation needs. In a word, we are your one-stop solution for investment planning services.

Top Performing Funds

We help you create, track and achieve your various life stage goals

Not to have control over your finances is like sailing in a rudderless ship. A rudder controls and gives direction to the ship, similarly investments with goal gives direction to your financial well-being.

How We Works in Your Best Interest

Monthly Investment


Savings Bank

Rs 22.36L


Fixed Deposit

Rs 22.36L



Rs 22.36L



Rs 22.36L


Mutual Funds

Rs 22.36L


*Flexi Cap Category average returns for the last 10 year period (As on 08/06/2023)

Total Growth with out step up

Total Growth with step up


We help you set up Step-up SIP in line with your rising income.

Amount Invested

with out step up

Amount Invested

with step up


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